Norwegian and Danish pilot at 4000 metres over Glittertind. Photo: Claus Nedergaard Jacobsen


This is a course for everyone who wants to learn the basics on mountain flying. The course is aimed at those who have no experience and to those as well, who have some experience and wants to gain more. Vågå offers terrific flying experience in waves, on the ridge and in the thermals. We want to teach you how to take advantage of this plentitude of soaring possibilities in a safe and comforting manner. With first class instructors and gliders we are sure you will get an experience you will never forget. Flying from Jotunheimen and Rondane in a glider is in itself a magnificent experience. See you at Vågå!


  • The frozen lake at Vågå, Norway

Participant Requirements

  • Valid glider pilot license and a minimum of 75 hours of flying. 50 hours at least must be on pure gliders.
  • Valid towing rating and at least 75 documented tows.

Participants not fulfilling requirements above may only fly with instructor (level 1 - basic)

Course Length

  • 7 days + 1 evening

Head of Course


  • Steinar Øksenholt
  • Robert Danewid
  • Kjetil Nordheim

Course Seats

  • 8 (level 1 - basic)
  • 5 (level 2 - advanced) 


  • SVEDANOR-compendium ”Fjellflyging” (compiled by Robert Danewid). Will be sent to participants who have registered before March 1. Handed out at course start to participants registered later.
  • ”Windsysteme und Thermik im Gebirge” by Martin Dinges translated to danish and named ”Vindsystemer og termik i bjerge”.

Theory Lessons:

Lecture 1: Introduction to mountain flying

  • General introduction on weather and wind, how to fly at Vågå, landing patterns, air space etc.

Lecture 2: Ridge flying

  •  Theory, meteorology, traffic rules

 Lecture 3: Wave flying

  • Theory / meteorology, wave flight rules, cross country flying in waves

 Lecture 4: Altitude Flying

  • Hypoxi, what to think of when flying at high altitudes, oxygen systems

 Lecture 5: Thermal Flying in Mountain Regions

  • Theory / meteorology, examples of flights in Norway.

 Practical Flying:

  • Total 7-11 flights
  • DC – flights under double command, SC – solo flights

 Lecture 1: Checkflights at Vågå (1 - 2 DC)

  • References, landing pattern, flying close to terrain 

Lecture 2: Ridge Flying (1-2 DC + 1 SC)

  • Traffic rules, how to fly the ridge, turns etc.

Lecture 3: Wave Flying (1-2 DC + 1-2 SC)

  • Towing in rotor and heavy turbulence, transition from ridge to wave, wave flying, displacement to new wave, flying with oxygen equipment.

Lecture 4: Thermal Flying (1 DC + 1 SC)

  • How to turn in thermals in mountain areas, thermal generators, transition from ridge to thermals


  • The flights are to be conducted during different weather conditions.
  • Emphasis will be put on the skills of the individual student.

Flying Time During Course:

Depends a lot on weather but the average from the past years says 8-14 hours.


  • 3-4 two-seaters with oxygen equipment (comparable to Duo Discus, DG 1000, ASK-21)

Other Issues:

  • Lodging: Lodging is to be booked through the hosting club, Drammen Flying Club/Gliding at
  • The alternatives are WaveCamp Hotel - Vågå Hotell or cabins/appartments at Smedsmo Camping.
  • All lessons and briefings will be held at the hotel. When registering at the hotel, please identify yourself as a SVEDANOR participant.


  • SVEDANOR Course Fee: 2600 NOK (including NOK 600 Wave Camp Fee for Drammen Flying Club)
  • Glider Rental: NOK 300/hours
  • Tows: NOK 60/100m


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