(Aerobatics 2)

Inverterd over Aaleberg

With gliding as with all air sports and other sports for that matter no one ever gets fully skilled. New goals and challenges provide personal joy and satisfaction. Flying aerobatics is challenging, exciting and an provides for an intense experience. It will give you memorable experience and make you a better pilot.

This is an offer for you to come to Starmoen/Elverum in Norway to learn to fly aerobatics. During the week you will learn basic aerobatics (positive G manouvres - A1) or advanced (including negative G manouvres - A). Our instructors will adapt the training to your needs.


Ole Reistad Senter, Starmoen - Elverum


Participant requirements

  • Valid glider pilot license
  • A minimum of 75 hours for learning A1 manouvers (positive G) and 125 hours for A manouvers (negative G).

Number of participants

  • 8 students.


  • 6 days

Head of course


  • Micke Roslund


  • "Trygg Acro med Seilfly", Aerobatics compendium in Norwegian (Rosslund).


  • Rules and regulations Aviation physiology and human limitations
  • Theory of flight and aerodynamics
  • Manouvers (negative G/ positive G)
  • Flight manual
  • Aviation safety and emergency procedures

Lodging and accomodation:

  • Sleep-over at Ole Reisad Center, either in the internat, cabins or at the camp field. Contact the Ole Reistad Centre at +47 62 41 23 98, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for reservation.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available too at an extra cost.


  • Course fee: NOK 1700
  • Glider rental: NOK 200/start
  • Tows: approx NOK 55/100m
  • Airfield fee: NOK 625/year or NOK 190/day


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