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This is the course for you who want to learn cross-country from scratch on a Svedanor course. It is also the course for you who want to fly your first 300 or 500 kilometer distances for Gold-C badges or diamonds. It is also the course for you who want to be one of the distinguished few who have managed the 1000 kilometer distance in Norway. It is the course for you who aim to beat a couple of records. Most of all, this is an offer for all glider pilots looking for new experience and new challenges in the worlds best sport in a wonderful, friendly atmosphere during an active week at Starmoen, the Norwegian national gliding centre.


Ole Reistad Centre, Starmoen - Elverum, Norway


Participant requirements

  • Valid gliding license
  • A minimum of 50 flying hours.

Duration of course

  • 6 days

Head of Course

  • Steinar Øksenholt


  • Ole Baartvedt
  • Ingar Pedersen


  • "Strekkflyging" - The course's own compilation with copies of articles.
  • Beyond Gliding Distance” by Flavio Formosa - also available in Danish
  • We also recommend "The Soaring Pilot's Manual" by Ken Stewart and "Cross-Coutry Soaring" by Helmut Reichmann.


Introduction - Gliding from Ole Reistad Centre

  • How to fly from Starmoen, landing patterns, air space etc.

Off-field landings.

  • Useful tips and advice on how to make a safe off-field landing.


  • Thermals, cloud building, how to read and interprete weather from prognosis and weather development.


  • Navigation from map, GPS, terrain and the conditions in the air.


  • How to document flights for badges and records.

Cross-country and competition flying.

  •  Efficient flying, water ballast, the basics.


  • Introduction to Starmoen
  • Get acqainted with the local area surrounding the air field.

Task flying.

  • Each day you are supposed to fly a documented, pilot selected cross-country task.
  • We will offer three levels (sparrow, hawk, eagle) according to actual weather.
  • Additionally, we can help you set up tasks for badges or records.

Introduction flights

The course will offer you the opportunity to fly training flights in a high-performance two-seater with an experienced cross-country instructor. The training flights can cover cross-country tasks or special issues such as entering and exiting thermals, weak thermal flying, flying several gliders together in the same thermal or off-field landings.

Type check-outs.

If you want a check-out on the two-seaters available for your own development or, if you consider buying them for yourself or for your club, that is certainly a possibility. You will have to pass a test, though. Whether or not it will be possible to fly solo on each glider depends on the agreement with the owner of the glider from whom it has been rented.

Available gliders

  • Most flying is done on your own gliders but, two-seaters are used with instructors as well.

Other Issues.


  • Sleep-over at Ole Reisad Centere, either in the internat, cabins or at the camp field. Contact the Ole Reistad Centre at +47 62 41 23 98, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for reservation.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available too at an extra cost.


  • Bring clothes and boots for hiking for a very speciel experience on non-flying days.


  • Course fee: NOK 1000
  • Glider rental: Duo Discus T NOK 300/hours
  • Airtows: NOK 55/100m
  • Lodging: Depends on your choice of alternatives.
  • Airfield fee: NOK 625/year or NOK 190/day.


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