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Out of the cloud

Do you want to shake hands with clouds? Do you want to fly really high even in the low country? Do you want to develop yourself and your flying skills?

Do you recognise some of yourself in the above then we think you should come to Ålleberg to learn IMC/cloud flying. Swedish Gliding Federation and the Ålleberg Gliding School offer you the opportunity to learn cloud flying during a one-week course at Ålleberg.


Ålleberg, 521 91 Falköping, Sweden



  • Valid glider pilot license
  • A minimum of 50 flying hours.

Course Duration.

  • 7 days

Head of course

Anders Blom


  • Anders Blom
  • Torleif Hiort


Swedish "Segelflyg" (theory book) plus Svedanor material.


  • Regulations, what the rules say about cloud flying.
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Instruments
  • Flight Physiology - how the body reacts to non-visual flight conditions


  • Course Fee: SEK 2900

Food and Accomodation.

Depending on your preferences you have several options at various prices:

  • Cabins with the standard of youth hostels
  • Camping ground.
Bed (non-glider pilots) SEK 250/day
Bed (glider pilots) SEK 225/day
Electricity connection: SEK 30/day
Camping SEK 100/day
Tent SEK 50/day


Your prices in the restaurant:

Breakfast SEK 50
Lunch SEK 80
Morning Coffee SEK 30
Afternoon Coffee SEK 35
Dinner SEK 90
Course SEK 300

Full Accomodation

Bed and all meals SEK 475/day

Glider Rental.

  May 1 - Aug 15 Aug 15 - May 1    
ASK-21: SEK 7000/week SEK 3500/week SEK 390/h SEK 6.50/min
Bergfalke: SEK 1700/week SEK 850/week SEK 255/h SEK 4.25/min


Altitude PRICE
300 m SEK 190
400 m SEK 210
500 m SEK 230
600 m SEK 260
700 m SEK 280
800 m SEK 310
900 m SEK 350
1000 m SEK 380
1100 m SEK 420
1200 m SEK 470
1300 m SEK 520
1400 m SEK 570
1500 m SEK 630
1600 m SEK 700
1700 m SEK 770
1800 m SEK 850


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