(TMG Flying 1)



The course is for glider pilot with TMG-rating who wants to improve their flying skill with TMG.

The purpose of the course is to improve the skill and knowledge in:
- Navigation and flight planning.
- Airspace and ATS flight plan.
- Radio communication.
- Navigation flights.
- Improve their ”stick & rudder” flying skill.

It´s up to the student together with the instructor to choose one or more topics.

Course Content

The purpose of the course is to improve the skill and knowledge in:

Navigation and operationally planning.

  • How much fuel do I need for 45 min flying in 30 kt headwind?
  • Do I have any headwind component if the wind comes straight from the side?
  • What´s my Groundspeed?
  • How do I calculate my drift off?
  • How to use a GPS?
  • What’s ”final reserve”?
  • TAF / METAR?
  • ESNX 121730Z 1218/1220 01013G23KT 3000 -SN VV015 TEMPO 1218/1220 0700 SN BLSN VV004 ???
  • How much load in the compartment?
  • Centre of Gravity?

Air space and ATC Flight planning

  • What is minimum visibility for flying VFR in CTR?
  • How do I perform a”holding”?
  • If the radio stops working?
  • Transponder?
  • What means SQ 7600?
  • If I set incorrect QNH?
  • When shall I set STD?
  • Do I need clearance in G airspace?

Transmitting on the radio.

  • What ff the TWR does not responds to my radio call?
  • What is ”transmitting blind”?
  • What if I receive a ”clearance” that I`m unable to comply with?

Navigation and x-country flying.

  • How far do I track in one minute?
  • What if I have to abort the flight due to bad weather?
  • What is meant by T2/D2?
  • Icing conditions?


Ålleberg, 521 91 Falköping, Sweden


Length of course

  • 3 days

Head of course

Henrik Svensson


  • Henrik Svensson
  • Anders Blom
  • Torleif Hjort

Course Fee

  • SEK 1000

Food and Accomodation.

Depending on your preferences you have several options at various prices:

  • Cabins with the standard of youth hostels
  • Camping ground.
Bed (non-glider pilots) SEK 250/day
Bed (glider pilots) SEK 225/day
Electricity connection: SEK 30/day
Camping SEK 100/day
Tent SEK 50/day


Your prices in the restaurant:

Breakfast SEK 50
Lunch SEK 80
Morning Coffee SEK 30
Afternoon Coffee SEK 35
Dinner SEK 90
Course SEK 300

Full Accomodation

Bed and all meals SEK 475/day

Glider Rental.

SF 25, Grob G109 and Dimona to be used. Currently no tacho fees available.


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